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Introducing the Last Shopping Accessory You’ll Ever Buy

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  • Hands-Free
  • Easy On & Off
  • Won’t Break Bag Handles
  • Compact & Easy to Store
  • Carry via Shoulder or Wrist
  • Super-Effective Ergonomic Design
  • Keeps Your Bags Together & Secure
  • Super Strong & Nearly Indestructible
  • Effortlessly Put Down & Pick Up Your Bags
  • Carries Almost Anything — from Groceries to Dry Cleaning & More

Enjoy a 60-Day Risk-Free Trial & 10-Year Warranty


No matter how much you carry, your hands are free to do whatever you need your hands to do, and not be tied up carrying painful loads with your fingers.



The proprietary design makes for the most comfortable distribution of weight possible, because the weight is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the grip, thereby making it super comfortable on your wrist or shoulder!



Grocery Gripps are tested at well over 200 lbs breaking strength and are made from one of the strongest and most abrasion resistant material out there: super high quality nylon webbing.



Each Grocery Gripp is virtually indestructible. It carries a 10 year warranty, & it's scientifically tested to ensure that it will not break bag handles, either!



We kept it super compact and flexible so you can store it in your pocket, purse, car console, wherever. This way, if you want to stop by the store last minute, you will always have it with you.



Using the miraculous forces of velcro & friction, our Gripp keeps your bags secure while waiting for a crosswalk, subway, bus, train, elevator…you get the idea. From your cart to the trunk and the trunk to your counter, carry it all in one easy move.



Simply loop your Gripp through the bag handles & choose either wrist or shoulder mode. You're now ready to shop and carry all your bags with supreme comfort & security.



The comfort & ease of use don't stop at the grocery store. Use your Grocery Gripp to carry ANYTHING - from dry cleaning to beach chairs, gym bags, coolers & more!


Get a Gripp & Keep Your Bags Together

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Get a Gripp! Get a Gripp! Get a Gripp! Get a Gripp! Get a Gripp! Get a Gripp! Get a Gripp!
60-Day Risk Free Trial - 10-Year Warranty

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Strong. Secure. Small. Simple.

We hated going to the grocery store because carrying all those bags was a pain in know. So, we changed the game & created the first hands-free bag carrier. Carry your shopping bags, or anything else with a handle, easily. You're welcome.

How It Works

Thread your Gripp through your bag handles & bring the fasteners together.
Carry all your bags with comfort & ease by sliding your wrist through the Gripp.
Or, cinch the ends of your Gripp & pull tight to carry it on your shoulder.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Started using it within 5 minutes of purchase. I love it, should be sold in every grocery store.

– Stefan S. on Amazon

Just got mine today!!! Very cool product! Great job, guys!

– Matt C. on Facebook

This is an amazing idea. It would have saved me dozens of bruised hands and arms before I had a car, and now that I do, it will save me a million trips up and down the stairs! Brilliant!

– Nancy S. on Facebook

Grocery Gripps is the only hands free, hassle free shopping bag carrier on the market that works to spread the weight to your wrist or shoulders instead of only your fingers. Plus, it’s compact!

– Carrie from Always a Holiday