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Our Story

The Evolution of the Shopping Man

Boston inspired, Miami designed - Grocery Gripps are the best option for carrying multiple bags of groceries, or anything else you can loop it through or around, no matter how heavy, period.

We're so excited to bring Grocery Gripps to you that you can try us out with a 60-day risk-free trial. We'll take all the risk that usually comes with trying an innovative new product.

The Grocery Gripps Origin Story

Our founder & fearless leader, Patrick, was a student at Boston University and, as he so eloquently puts it, "absolutely freaking hated going to the grocery store."

He said he'd never get everything he needed for fear of a sore hand & ego on the walk back. He hated deciding between waiting for the train or walking the 10 blocks home with bag handles cutting off the circulation to his fingers only to have to stop, put down all his bags, fish his keys from his pocket, open the door, gather everything back up, walk up the stairs to his apartment, drop everything again, fish his key out & open the apartment door, gather everything up once more, and finally try to make it to his kitchen counter without falling over.

He also used to do what he called "the bend & wait" for the train - he would bend over & leave his fingers through the bag handles until the train finally arrived. This kept him from having to gather all the bag handles back up when the train finally arrived, but made him look like an idiot (ego shot...) & hurt his back (which he thought was totally worth it, by the way).

This, as of course you've realized, led directly to the "bend & wait" having to be employed on the crowded Boston T to avoid bag spills when the train stopped.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the time he carried too much (because, apples - yes we'll call them "apples" & not "beer" - were on sale!) & his index finger went to sleep for 4 hours.

That cold Boston night, as he searched Web MD for "is nerve damage to index finger permanent?" he thought there had to be a better way.

After researching the market, Patrick realized there are a ton of attempts to solve this problem out there...but they're ALL bulky, rely on holding a handle (which is basically the same as just holding bag handles & totally defeats the purpose), & extremely poorly made & flimsy. Oh, there's also the granny cart option...which even grannies don't want to use.

Grocery Gripps is Born & by Far the BEST

Enter Grocery Gripps.

Patrick's patent pending design is simple, easy on & easy off, keeps your fingers out of the equation, allows you to use your hands for other things without having to let go of bag handles, & makes you strong enough to let you stock up on your favorite soup brand when it's on sale.

By spreading the surface area over which the weight is spread & relying on stronger muscle groups than your fingers - namely shoulders and wrists (think weight lifting straps & backpacks, which allow even small people to carry tons of school books) - Grocery Gripps allow you to comfortably carry MUCH more, MUCH farther WITHOUT hurting yourself.

By allowing you to stock up on sale items, Grocery Gripps pay for themselves ( or you could also cut out the Starbucks trip for a day or know who we're talking's you).

We Want You to Want Us!

We're here to save you & your fingers with the best product you will find, guaranteed.

We're growing fast & very excited to bring this product to as many people as possible. Our years of brainstorming & research makes us absolutely sure that Grocery Gripps is by far the best and most durable product you will find, period.

That's why we back it with the best guarantee you will ever see (a 60-day risk-free trial period, & a 10-Year replacement warranty).

Give us a try! We've made it absolutely no risk to you.

If you love our product, like we know you will, please consider sharing your love with your friends & neighbors on social media or through good, old-fashioned word of mouth! We want to change lives here, people. No one should ever again have to struggle with heavy bags or spilled bags!

Oh & did we mention we have some other cool products coming out soon? Yeah, so stay tuned to get the inside scoop... Maybe even sign up for emails!


The Grocery Gripps Team